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BIT Mesra
Meet Ex-BITians

Bechlor of Pharmacy

B Ph 1993-1997

B Ph 1995-1999

Bechlor of Engineering

BE 1974

BE 1978

BE 1982-1986

BE 1987-1991

BE 1989-1993

BE 1992-1996

BE 1993-1997

BE 1994-1998

BE 1995-1999

BE 1996-2000

BE 1999-2003

B. Arch

Master of Engg.

ME 1990-1992

Ex-BITians Links

Umesh Garg (BE 1994-1998 Mechanical)

Manish Raj Sharma (BE 1994-1998)

Anuraag Awasthi, Head (Quality & Training), Bharti Telesoft.

Ravindra Arora, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur (Ex-BITian B.Sc 1965)

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